EducatedGreyhound1At Greyhound IT, we don’t just come in to fix your printing problems and solve computer issues and leave. Our aim is to become part of the school team, working with staff members to ensure your ICT is working effectively and efficiently in order to meet your ever changing needs. We also provide support for staff using ICT to deliver the curriculum.


By keeping up to date with the developments in education technology and curriculum resources, the staff at Greyhound IT are able to advise your school on the suitability of new equipment and software to meet your needs. We endeavour to provide quality, whilst keeping costs to a minimum by using a broad range of suppliers, not just educational sales catalogues, to purchase equipment and software. We always check for compatibility with your existing ICT set-up which again can help to keep costs lower. When we deal with the ICT buying, this has the added benefit to schools, cutting out the jargon and sales talk of company reps and sales managers. As we have long standing relationships with suppliers, we can often get further discounts on their products.

Greyhound IT understand that the day to day priority is having a working ICT system which is easy to use and secure. As such, our ICT support contract is tailored to meet the needs of your school (Prices start from £6999 per academic year). Contractors can choose whether or not to include telephone, email and remote support. We do ensure that if you choose to have regular support visits that they are undertaken by the same engineer at the same day and time, allowing you to get to know your engineer and establish a good working relationship. I have enclosed overleaf, a full list of our services that your school can choose from. In addition, we can provide remote access services allowing us to diagnose and fix problems and carry out routine tasks without needing to be on-site, as well as a website design service.

If you are not looking for a support contract, we can provide our services on an ‘as required’ basis. This includes installing web access points, network points and iPads/tablets. We would work alongside your current ICT support, where necessary, to bring our expertise into the school.

We have provided our IT Support services to several satisfied Primary schools. These include Corporation Road Community Primary School (, 01325 244940) and Firthmoor Primary School (, 01325 244001) both based in Darlington. The Head Teacher and Computing Curriculum Coordinator at either school are happy to provide recommendation for the Greyhound IT services we provide.