Greyhound It’s Coast to Coast Cycling Extravaganza

Here at Greyhound IT, we pride ourselves on steadfastly rising to a challenge… so when some dear friends of ours suggested that we should accompany them on the 2012 Coast to Coast bike ride, raising money for Greyhound Gap we jumped at the chance. It was only when we got home and the haze of our hangovers began to lift that reality kicked in and we began to realize what we had so enthusiastically agreed to in the heat of that drunken gathering.

For those of you who (rather like our good selves) do not know much about the Coast to Coast cycle ride, it does exactly what is says on the tin. 137 miles from Whitehaven on the west coast of England to Roker beach, Sunderland on the East coast. I vaguely remember our friend and  super fit cyclist Linzi (Coast to Coast veteran), explaining that we would be fine with a bit of training as long as we felt confident on our bikes. Confident on our bikes, well at this point one of us didn’t own a bike and the other… well lets just say that bike had not seen the light of day since the ill fated triathlon of 2004! Oh dear!

So our first task, now we were officially part of the 2012 Coast to Coast crew, was to purchase some bikes that unlike the rusty Raleigh in the garage would be up to the challenge even if we weren’t. So we looked, procrastinated , went home, built some websites and suddenly here we were in May, two months away from the official start date, with no bikes and having completed zero training!
One huge panic and two shiny new bikes later it was time for our first (rather wobbly) training ride, from Bishop Auckland to Hamsterly Forrest and back. Over the weeks we built up the miles and our confidence until we could master a good 30 miles without limping and tenderly reaching for Sudocream. How long is the first day we cheerily asked Linzi after a group ride the week before we were due to set off. 60 miles replied Linzi, and you haven’t seen the hills yet! We turned to each other in horror…60 miles in a day. Think of the greyhounds we said, just think of the greyhounds…

So did we make it through the first day? Find out shortly.

If you would like to sponsor GreyhoundIt for the c2c ride we were doing it in aid of Greyhound Gap a brilliant charity that looks after retired greyhounds who would have been put to sleep otherwise. If you feel like you want to give to this cause please visit our just giving page at

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