Are responsive web sites necessary?

So this week we saw a question in a forum. “Are responsive web sites necessary?” The reasoning was they had found a template for Joomla that they liked the look of but it wasn’t responsive. Is this going to be a problem? Here is a good article on what the difference between adaptive and responsive design is There is…read more →

Using Wordle in schools

Our good friend Mrs Bell has written this blog post about the use of Wordle within education. The use of ICT is an integral (and expected) part of many lessons nowadays. can be used quickly and easily to support teaching and learning.  I’ll describe some of my and my pupils’ favourite and most worthwhile uses of the site. Types…read more →

Greyhound It’s Coast to Coast Cycling Extravaganza

Here at Greyhound IT, we pride ourselves on steadfastly rising to a challenge… so when some dear friends of ours suggested that we should accompany them on the 2012 Coast to Coast bike ride, raising money for Greyhound Gap we jumped at the chance. It was only when we got home and the haze of our hangovers began to lift…read more →

Signing on the go

So this week we have had some documents sent to us that we needed to sign and return ASAP. The normal way to do this would be to find a computer with a printer and a scanner. Then we would have to print the document, sign it, scan it back in and then email it. But what happens when you…read more →

Meet Pepper

Meet Pepper

Its been half term week as well as the long jubilee weekend at GreyhoundIT headquarters this week. So we have had a few days off from work. So we went to see our friends up at the Retired Greyhounds Trust to find a friend for our greyhound Jive. We visited Alison at the Crook Branch where we had the chance to walk…read more →

Google Chrome becomes the worlds most popular web browser

Google Chrome becomes the worlds most popular web browser

Over 3 and half years ago Google launched the Chrome web browser. For the first time in its history it has over took Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to become the worlds most popular browser for a full week. Chrome has over taken IE in the past but only for a few days over the weekend. However this time it was for…read more →

How to change font colours when editing pages in wordpress

Sometime tools get hidden in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. This week we have been asked how do we change the font colour when editing pages or posts. So we thought we would produce a short video tutorial on how to do this. Let us know if you would like anymore tutorials or help.

Transform Google Chrome with MySites

Transform Google Chrome with MySites

Google Chrome has an inbuilt tabs page, however this is a little dull. Mysites is an extension to Google Chrome that transforms the bland page into a screen with colourful tiles that take you straight to you favourite sites. After installation, you can move the tiles however you like, have a separate screen for favourites, frequently visited pages and apps….read more →

New website

As you can see we have been busy updating our website to something that we could blog on, we hope that this way we could communicate more, share our knowledge and what we have been up to. We have tried to keep a similar look and feel to the old site but hopefully you will like the new features we…read more →

Busy few weeks

It’s been a busy few weeks at Greyhound headquarters. Since April we have took on 2 schools with network support, celebrated a 30th birthday (seeing some friends I have not seen for a while), built and installed a school full of new PC’s and attached them to the network. During this time we have also completed a schools website as…read more →